The Abyssal Exalted

Magical Material: Soulsteel
Sobriquets: Deathknights, Chosen of the Void, the Exalted of the Underworld
Castes: Dusk, Midnight, Daybreak, Day, Moonshadow
Source of Power: Oblivion, the Deathlords

The dark shadow of the Solar Exalted, the Abyssal exalted are their equal and opposite in every way. These twisted Exalted are the product of the designs of the Neverborn and their representatives, the Deathlords. In dealing death, they are second to none. First appearing in the Age of Sorrows, they are considered by many the newest, and perhaps most troubling, of all Anathema, especially in how they so closely resemble the Anathema of tales.


Dusk: None are so skilled in the art of bringing direct death as those of the Dusk caste. Dark mirrors of the Dawn, they delight in bringing slaughter.

Midnight: The Midnight caste speaks of what will come: oblivion. The shadowy priests of the Neverborn now bring their desires to Creation.

Daybreak: The terrifying arts of Necromancy are made manifest in the Daybreak caste. Seeking out secrets that make even Twilight scholars balk, the Daybreak castes are the underworld’s great necrotechnicians and keepers of dead lore.

Day: Working in silence and death, the Day caste work as the infiltrators of the Underworld. Peerless in their art of silent killing, they make the wise give pause.

Moonshadow: Diplomats of the Deathlords, the Moonshadow caste works openly to bring the glories of the Underworld to the people of creation. Where others may destroy through force of arms, the Moonshadow shows a well placed work can kill thousands.

The Abyssal Exalted

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