The Lunar Exalted

Magical Material: Moonsilver
Sobriquets: Stewards, Chosen of the Moon, Anathema (Immaculate Order)
Castes: Full Moon, Changing Moon, No Moon
Source of Power: Luna

Chosen mates of the Solar Exalted, the Lunars are shapeshifters without peer. These exalts channel raw power into their forms. More raw than their counterparts, they are fury and destruction given form.

Now, they are the monsters that haunt the nightmares of those who worship the Immaculate Faith. Leading barbarian tribes and destructive raids, they are a slow poison to the Realm, and a constant thorn in the side of the Sidereal Exalted.

The Castes:

Full Moon: Physical power, the warriors of the Silver Pact are far more savage than other exalted.

Changing Moon: With silver tongues, these Lunars are capable of beguiling and deceiving anyone that can hear them.

No Moon: The mystics of the Silver Pact. These Lunars are the savants and sorcerers of the Lunars, capable of cunning and spiritual understanding beyond others.

The Lunar Exalted

Exalted: Beneath the Sundered Skies TwilightCrow