The Sidereal Exalted

Magical Material: Starmetal
Sobriquets: The Viziers, Chosen of Fate, Chosen of the Five Maidens, the Five-Score Fellowship
Castes: Journeys, Serenity, Battles, Secrets, Endings
Source of Power: The Five Maidens of Fates (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn)

The subtlest and least numerous among the Celestial Exalted, the Chosen of Fate work their powers among the strands of Fate itself. While the least powerful, fortune itself bends to their whims. Of the Exalted, they are the most skilled at the Supernatural Martial Arts, creating the Sidereal Martial Arts.

Now, they exist in the background, forever hidden from the world as Creation itself forgets their existence. They manipulate the world to a better end…though better for who is in question…

The Castes:

Journeys: The Chosen of Mercury are swift messengers and travelers. They are woven from the twenty greatest odysseies of time, and ensure the great journeys of the world will take place.

Serenity: The Chosen of Venus are diplomats and seducers. They are woven from the twenty greatest romances, loves, and signs of peace in history. They ensure that peace and tranquility occur when needed.

Battles. The Chosen of Mars are the strategists and warriors of the Sidereals. They are created from the twenty greatest battles that would be. They sway the great wars and battles of the world.

Secrets: The Chosen of Jupiter are the lorekeepers and sorcerers of the Five-Score Fellowship. They are created from the twenty greatest secrets of creation. They ensure knowledge which is meant to stay hidden stays so.

Endings: The Chosen of Saturn are those who preside over endings. They are woven from the twenty greatest endings of all time. They ensure that lives, organizations, and even disease end when they should.

The Sidereal Exalted

Exalted: Beneath the Sundered Skies TwilightCrow