The Solar Exalted

Magical Material: Orichalcum
Sobriquets: The Lawgivers, Princes of Earth, Chosen of the Unconquered Sun, Anathema (by the Immaculate Order)
Castes: Dawn, Zenith, Twilight, Night, Eclipse
Source of Power: Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun

The greatest of the Chosen, the Solars, were the commanders, leaders, and champions during the Primordial War. It was by their blades the Titans fell, and by their words the rest were banished. They became Princes of the Earth, and ruled Creation during the First Age, a time of wonder and majesty.

Overthrown by treachery for their madness and callousness, they were cast down, bound for an age. Now, they return to a world diminished, the all Creation quakes in anticipation.

The Castes:

Dawn: Those of the Dawn caste are the peerless warriors of the Exalted Host. Masters of all forms of combat, they fill the roles of champions and generals.

Zenith: Priest-kings of Sol Invictus, their words inspired and cut down with equal measure. They bare special hatred to those deemed Creatures of Darkness by their patron.

Twilight: Those of the Twilight Caste are scholars, sorcerers, and engineers. Many are driven by the pure desire to know, and they show that knowledge truly is power.

Night: Perhaps hypocritically, the Nights are the spies and assassins of the Exalted. Capable of masking their natures until the critical moment, few see a Night caste coming, and none know who they were after.

Eclipse: The outriders, diplomats, and explorers of the Solars, it was by their oaths that the Primordials surrendered becoming the Yozi. By ancient treaty, they can move among even their foes with grace surpassed by none.

The Solar Exalted

Exalted: Beneath the Sundered Skies TwilightCrow