The Terrestrial Exalted

Magical Material:
The Dragon-Blooded, Princes of Earth, Chosen of the Immaculate Dragons.
Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Wood
Source of Power:
The Immaculate Dragons

Gaia chose to allow her souls, the Immaculate Dragons, to govern her Exalted. The Terrestrial Exalted are the least powerful but most numerous of their kind. Unlike others, their power is passed through bloodlines, ensuring their continuation.

During the Usurpation, the Terrestrials sided with the Sidereals in overthrowing their masters. In doing so, they became the new rulers of Creation, though in diminished capacity. While less powerful, they are potent when working together, and a Sworn Brotherhood of the Dragon-Blooded gives even the most powerful entity pause.

The Castes:

Air: Air is the element of cold and study. Air Aspected terrestrials are quick of thought and body, subtle one moment and explosive the next.

Earth: Earth is the element of stability and patience. Earth Aspects tend to be resilient, both in mannerism and physique.

Fire: Earth is the element of passion and energy. Fire Aspects embody the dynamic nature of the element with explosive ferocity and passions.

Water: Water is the element of change and adaptability. Water Aspected Terrestrials seem to flow through situations and battlefields, using whatever methods necessary.

Wood: Wood is the element of life and vitality. Wood Aspects are vibrantly alive, with understandings of life and living things few reach.

The Terrestrial Exalted

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