What once was, will never be again…

Creation is not as it was. Much has been lost within the seas of time, and what remains cannot stop the oncoming storm.

The Scarlet Empire prepares for civil war while those in the Threshold scrounge for whatever remains. The Raksha from the Wyld seek to undo Creation, while the Deathlords seem content to cast it into Oblivion. The Yozi, masters of Hell, wish to see corruption spread across the world, while Yu Shan, the heavenly realm of the gods, remains silent and distant. Petty warlords, god, exalt, and mortal, rise like weeds, choking the life from civilization.

Now, the Solar Exalted, awesome and terrible God-Kings of a half-forgotten era, have returned. Within them, peerless grace and might flows as naturally as their blood. But an old madness flows through them as well, and the world marks them as demonic tyrants.

Adventure beckons, your destiny awaits. The world is yours to explore, shape, and command.

What legends will they tell of you?

Exalted: Beneath the Sundered Skies

Exalted 2nd ed  the south by udoncrew Nerie